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Blue Sky Thinking?

Before you all start to roll your eyes and let out a deep groan having read the corporate “business speak” heading of my latest blog post, let me explain…

I stumbled upon this lovely little knitting idea whilst browsing the net and thought I would share it with you before February is upon us. The knitter who came up with this gem of an idea, has shared the conceptual knitting project on a site called Whipup today!

The end product is called Sky Scarf, which results from a whimsical adventure or process that you go through. To make a “sky scarf,” you first gather together skeins of blues and greys and white. I am going to use oddments of DK weight yarn. Each day, you pay attention to the sky and add a row to your scarf in colours that mirror the weather outside. The pattern turns 365 days of sky observations into a five-foot long scarf. Project participants around the world are making sky scarves and the conceptual knitting project documents the climate variations that emerge row by row.


I posted this photo today on our Facebook page and some of our followers suggested lovely modifications to this design including a mood scarf using shades to reflect your mood on any given day or a sunset scarf to bring in the pink and red spectrum. I love this idea and may start mine on 1st February using up oddments of yarn that I have in my stash. I think it will need to have about 35 stitches cast on if it is a DK weight yarn.  I suspect given the Northumbrian climate I may have to look out several shades of grey however if the recent downpours and stormy skies are anything to go by!

Howay In

Alreet! Welcome to the new Woolaballoo blog page where we will be updating you on all our events, new arrivals and changes that are afoot at Woolaballoo HQ. We were delighted to relocate to 25/26 Market Place, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 3PB at the start of the summer and have been so busy ever since that we haven’t had any time to post our news!

For those of you who knew me before the “big move”  I was 38 weeks pregnant when we opened the new store… completely crackers I know, but sometimes you just have to seize the opportunities when they present themselves and this was one opportunity that we couldn’t afford to pass us by. So now 2013 is here and we are open for business – Monday to Saturday from 10am until 5pm every day, we run workshops and events most Saturdays throughout the year and will be posting more information on this page as planning takes place.  In the meantime, if you haven’t discovered this Woolly Wonderland yet, plan yourself a day trip to the historic market town of Hexham, and “Howay In”…